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GBA Minors

Schedules and Info

Game Schedule

The first team listed is the away team and will be on the third base side dugout. The second team is the home team at the first base side dugout. All games are at Hammer Field, unless otherwise noted.

POP STAND COVERAGE: Please use the Sign-up Genius form here to sign-up for your team's pop stand responsibilities. 

Friday, April 21st

6pm: Mariners at Orioles

Saturday, April 22nd

2pm: Royals at Cardinals

Monday, April 24th

6 pm: Cardinals at Royals

Wednesday, April 26th

6pm: Braves at Mariners

Saturday, April 29th

10am: Cardinals at Braves

2pm: Orioles at Royals 

Monday, May1st

6pm: Royals at Orioles POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER

Wednesday, May 3rd

6pm: Mariners at Braves

Saturday, May 6th

Noon: Braves at Cardinals 

2pm: Royals at Mariners

Monday, May 8th

6pm: Mariners at Orioles

Wednesday, May 10th

6pm: Cardinals at Mariners

Saturday, May 13th

Noon: Cardinals at Orioles

2pm: Royals at Braves

Monday, May 15th

6pm: Royals at Orioles

Wednesday, May 17th

6pm: Braves at Cardinals POSTPONED

Saturday, May 20th

Noon: Braves at Mariners

2pm: Orioles at Cardinals 

Sunday, May 21st

2pm: Braves at Mariners

5pm: Royals at Orioles

Monday, May 22rd

6pm: Mariners at Royals

Wednesday, May 24th

6pm: Orioles at Braves

Saturday, May 27th

Noon: Cardinals at Mariners 

2pm: Braves at Royals

Wednesday, May 31st

6pm: Orioles  at Braves

7:30pm: Mariners at Royals

Saturday, June 3rd

Noon: Orioles  at Mariners

2pm: Cardinals at Royals

Sunday, June 4th 

12pm: Braves at Cardinals MAKE-UP

Monday, June 5th

6pm: Braves at Orioles  

7:30pm: Mariners at Cardinals

Wednesday, June 7th

6pm: Orioles  at Cardinals 

7:30pm: Royals at Braves

Saturday, June 10th


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