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GBA T-Ball

Info and Schedules


Game Schedule

The first team listed is the away team and will be on the third base side dugout. The second team is the home team at the first base side dugout.

POP STAND COVERAGE: Please use the Sign-up Genius form here to sign-up for your team's pop stand responsibilities. 

Saturday, April 22nd

9am: Pirates at White Sox (Hammer)
9:45am: Blue Jays at Giants (Gladstone)
10:30am: Yankees at Mets (Gladstone)

1:30pm: Orioles at Cubs (Gladstone)

Saturday, April 29th

8 am: Mets at Orioles (Hammer)

8:45 am: Yankees at Cubs (Hammer)

9 am: Pirates at Blue Jays (Gladstone)

9:45 am: White Sox at Giants (Gladstone)

Saturday, May 6th

8 am: Pirates at Giants (Hammer)

8:45 am: White Sox at Blue Jays (Hammer)

9 am: Yankees at Orioles (Gladstone)

9:45 am: Mets at Cubs (Gladstone)

Saturday, May 13th

8 am: Blue Jays at White Sox  (Hammer)

8:45 am: Giants at Cubs (Hammer)

9 am: Pirates at Yankees (Gladstone)
9:45 am: Orioles at Mets (Gladstone)


Saturday, May 20th

8 am: Pirates at Mets (Hammer)

8:45 am: Giants at Yankees (Hammer)

9:00 am: White Sox at Orioles (Gladstone)

9:45 am: Blue Jays at Cubs (Gladstone)


Saturday, May 27th

8 am: Orioles at Cubs (Hammer)

8:45 am: Blue Jays at Yankees (Hammer)

9 am: Pirates at White Sox (Gladstone)

9:45 am: Giants at Mets (Gladstone)


Saturday, June 3rd

8 am: Pirates at Cubs (Hammer)

8:45 am: Blue Jays at Mets (Hammer)

9 am: White Sox at Yankees (Gladstone)

9:45 am: Giants at Orioles (Gladstone)


Saturday, June 10th

Saturday, June 17th (make-ups)

8:00am: Pirates @ White Sox

8:45am: Blue Jays @ Giants 

12:00pm: Orioles @ Cubs

12:45pm: Yankees @ Mets


T-ball (ages 3-4) and Coach Pitch (ages 5-6)

Q: Is TB/CP for boys and girls?
  A: TB/CP is open to both boys and girls. 

Q: When does TB/CP begin?
  A: The TB/CP season typically starts at the end of April, a couple of weeks after the little league and minor leagues begin. 

Q: Do TB/CP players have to tryout? Are TB/CP players drafted?
  A: No, TB/CP players do not tryout and are not in a draft. 

Q: When do TB/CP players find out what team they are on? 
  A: TB/CP players will be assigned a coach and that coach will contact you before the start of the season. 

Q: Do I need to volunteer? 
  A: The more volunteers during practices and games, the better. The GBA is a100% Volunteer Organization. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Q: I’m thinking about coaching, but I’ve never coached before. What experience do I need? 
  A: While previous baseball and coaching experience is useful, it is not a requirement. The GBA is a100% Volunteer Organization. We are looking for people with a positive attitude who are willing to volunteer their time and energy to teach kids the basic fundamentals of the game, to have fun and to have the desire to pass along their love of Baseball and Community to the children of our neighborhoods. Coaches and assistants coaches are always needed. Many managers and coaches start with TB/CP and grow with their kids. 

Q: What do I need to do to be a manager of a TB/CP team if a manager is needed?
  A: Please contact the TB/CP President by email. You will need to get a PA Child Abuse History Clearance and a Criminal Record Check. The TB/CP President will give you the information you need.

Q: I'm not sure my child is ready for TB/CP . What skill level is required? 
  A: No baseball experience required. We have players of all abilities in TB/CP . Your child must be ready and willing to pay attention to a coach and/or assistant coach and be reasonably able to follow directions.

Q: When do we play? How much time is required? 
  A: Usually around 2-3 hours a week are needed. Practice frequency, duration, and day are up to the team manager, but are typically 1 night a week. Generally, TB/CP teams have 1-2 games a week. It is always fun to practice in the backyard to help him/her improve any/everyday :-) 

Q: Where do we play?
  A: Games may be played at Magee field, Hammer Field or Greenfield School.   The TB/CP All-Star game is held at Hammer Field during All-Star day (date TBD). 

Q: Do I need to buy equipment and/or cleats? 
  A: Each TB/CP player will receive a team uniform consisting of a hat and shirt.
**Molded rubber cleats are not required and are optional. Molded rubber soccer cleats could also be used, but are not required and are optional. No metal spikes are allowed.
**You must provide a fielding glove for your child. When choosing a baseball glove, the size of the glove should be comfortable for the player to wear and be able to catch a baseball. Player preferences vary from 9 1/2" to 11". The key is to break the glove in so he/she will be able to use it. 
** GBA will provide a few "TB/CP" approved bats per team. Your child MAY bring a bat, but it must be a "T-Ball USA Baseball Bat". Any bat brought to games/practices should be made available to all players on the team to avoid player bickering.
**GBA will provide a few batting helmets. Players may bring their own helmet. Helmets MAY be shared at the parents' discretion. 

Q: Do we need to bring snacks/water?
  A: It is not required. If games are played at Hammer Field, buying food and drinks from the concession stand help support the GBA.  Hammer Field also has a drinking fountain.

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