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GBA T-Ball

Info and FAQs


T-ball (ages 3-4 on or before April 30, 2024)

Welcome to GBA T-Ball! This information pertains to the spring 2024 season, which will begin in April and run through June. Spring 2024 registration for T-ball is closed and the league is full. 

The vice president of T-ball for 2024 is Emily Pocratsky. You may email her directly with any questions at

GBA T-ball is open to boys and girls who have a birthday between May 1, 2019 and April 30, 2021. In other words, they will be either age 3 or 4 on April 30, 2024. New and returning players are welcome. We just ask your child is able to follow safety rules and two-step directions. GBA's goal is to have parents not be on the field with their child and we work with families to get their child comfortable to play on their own.

There are no tryouts for t-ball and everyone is welcome to play. Your player will be assigned a team and coach at the beginning of the year based on our registration numbers. The coach will communicate schedules.

We do expect a commitment from all our players, even at the t-ball level. Typically, we will have 1 practice and 1 game a week. Attendance at this age is very important. When players don't attend practice, they have a harder time following the procedures and rules during a game. We want all our GBA players to have a positive experience, and they rely on their teammates to help with that. Please review your family's work schedules and availability when considering signing up for t-ball.

We are always looking for t-ball coaches! Please contact Emily if you are interested in coaching. New to coaching? No problem! We will help you learn tips and techniques appropriate for this age level. All coaches MUST file clearances with the GBA Board. 

There is a service/fundraising duty for all families of GBA players. For each player you register, you will need to work 2 pop stand shifts (usually 1.5 hours each shift). If you do not want to work the pop stand, you will have to pay a $50 opt-out fee per child when registering. 

Regarding equipment: 

  • Molded rubber cleats are not required and are optional. Molded rubber soccer cleats could also be used, but are not required and are optional. No metal spikes are allowed.

  • You must provide a fielding glove for your child. When choosing a baseball glove, the size of the glove should be comfortable for the player to wear and be able to catch a baseball. Player preferences vary from 9 1/2" to 11". The key is to break the glove in so he/she will be able to use it. Please make sure you are getting the correct glove for a righty or a lefty.

  • GBA will provide a T-ball approved bat per team. Your child may bring a bat, but it must be a "T-Ball USA Baseball Bat". Any bat brought to games/practices should be made available to all players on the team.

  • Batters will need to wear a helmet. You are encouraged to bring a helmet for your child if you are able.

  • At this level, we use foam core baseballs for your child's safety.

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